Prof. Jørgen FALK

12 years experience from the school system, 17 years experience from the tobacco prevention field.

Key-person in the area of information, documentation, campaigning and media contact.

Project manager on several tobacco prevention interventions in schools and key resource in developing Danish tobacco prevention policy at national level. Has worked as project manager for the Danish Smoking Cessation Campaign for several years and now as a Project Manager for National Centre for Smoking Cessation.

Experience with EU programmes (Europe Against Cancer. Smoke-free Class Competition, Quit and Win, Don’t Start and Win – Feel free to say no).

In 2001 and 2002, has worked as Short Term Expert on a PHARE-TWINNING project concerning Smoking Prevention in Estonia (30 days).

Has experience from tobacco policies and strategies in other EU countries during work in the three European projects and working groups.

Submitted by: Polina Starchenko, 9 June 2017