ENSP awards

ENSP awards

ENSP awards

Since 2014 ENSP has presented Awards to its members and remarkable national actors in national tobacco control activities. The awards are presented at the semi-annual ENSP Network meetings held in European locations of contemporary and political importance.

The ENSP Awards mark the outstanding work in tobacco control realised by organisations, research projects and individual persons. See the history of ENSP awardees below.

5th edition – October 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

At the occasion of the ENSP Network Meeting held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 19-21 October 2016, ENSP had the pleasure to award the following persons and organisations with the ENSP Award for Outstanding contribution to Tobacco Control:

1 – Alojz Peterle, MEP Slovenia, President MEPs against Cancer

2 – Marijan Ivanuša, Head of WHO Slovenian Country office

3 – Vesna Kerstin Petrič – Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Health,

4 – Nataša Blažko, Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Health

5 – Tomaž Čakš – Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia

6 – Helena Koprivnikar, National Institute of Public Health

7 – Slovenian Coalition for Public Health, Environment and Tobacco Control

8 – Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia

9 – Special Award: Mihaela Lovše – Slovenian Coalition for Public Health, Environment and Tobacco Control

4th edition – April 2016, Bruxelles, Belgium

3rd edition – October 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania

2nd edition – April 2015, Athens, Greece

1st edition – March 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Submitted by: Andrea Glahn, 27 October 2016