ENSP Sessions at ECToH 2017

ENSP members and partners present at ECToH 2017, Porto

The European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECTOH) Porto, Portugal – 23-25 March 2017 was a valuable gathering for everyone who works in tobacco control in Europe as well as abroad and a provided a great networking opportunity among participants. The European Network for Smoking Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) organized three successful symposiums, which were all attended by a high number of international delegates. The sessions focused on most recent European research in tobacco control, advocacy, cessation and preventive measures relevant for decreasing tobacco consumption among young people and implementing WHO-FCTC Art.14 on treating tobacco dependence.

ENSP members also present their work at several parallel sessions, poster sessions and presentations throughout the conference. Please see the full program.

ENSP Sessions:
ENSP Projects – Science And Research For Tobacco Control (23.03.2017 / 14.30 -15.30 / ROOM C)
Chairs: Dr. Francisco Rodriguez Lozano & Cornel Radu-Loghin 

ENSP partners and colleagues from five European Research Projects presented newest results from research in tobacco economics, secondhand smoke and e-cigarette emissions, tobacco dependence treatment, effectiveness on tobacco control interventions and implementation of the WHO FCTC and EU TPD.


EQUIPT – European Study On Quantifying Utility Of Investment In Protecting From Tobacco (FP7) Subhash Pokhrel & Hein De Vries
TackSHS – Tackling Secondhand Tobacco Smoke And E-Cigarette Emissions: Exposure Assessment, Novel Interventions, Impact On Lung Diseases And Economic Burden In Diverse European Populations – (Horizon2020) Esteve Fernandez
TOB-G – Tobacco Cessation Guidelines For High Risk Groups (Public Health Programme) Panagiotis Behrakis
SILNE-R – Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Strategies To Prevent Smoking In Adolescents (Horizon2020) Anton Kunst
EUREST PLUS – European Regulatory Science On Tobacco: Policy Implementation To Reduce Lung Diseases (Horizon2020) Constantine Vardavas


Young People And Tobacco Consumption (23.03.2017 / 17.15 – 18.45 / ROOM D Room D)
Chairs: Florin Mihaltan & Niels Them Kjær

Youth smoking is a key denominator in tobacco control and preventing our children from smoking should remain our primary objective. A third session is therefore devoted to youth advocacy in smoking prevention. With international examples of good practice in engagement of youth in tobacco control advocacy, research into the effects of tobacco control interventions on youth, and the power of tobacco marketing, speakers in this session presented useful tools and inspiration to fellow advocates, researchers and stakeholders in youth tobacco control.


European Cooperation For An ENSP Youth Tobacco Control Network, Jan Peloza
Could Tobacco Control Policies Reduce Socioeconomic Inequalities In Youth Smoking? Results From The SILNE-R Project, Anton Kunst
US-Europe Knowledge Transfer – CTFK’s Work In The US Mobilizing Youth, Joshua Abrams
Tobacco Ads Promotion To Children At The Point Of Sale In Georgia, George Bakhturidze
Teachers Against Tobacco For A Smoke Free Sweden In 2025, Ingrid Talu

ectoh-youth-peloza ectoh-youth-silne-r ectoh-youth-bakhturidze

Implementing WHO-FCTC Art.14: Time To Prioritise Tobacco Dependence And Treatment (24.03.2017 / 14.30 -15.30 / ROOM B)
Chair Prof. Panagiotis BEHRAKIS (Greece) & Krzysztof PRZEWOŹNIAK (Poland)

Preventing the uptake of smoking must be complemented by an active effort to decrease smoking prevalence and ENSP advocates for the provision of effective and accessible treatment for tobacco dependence. In this session experts and researchers in tobacco dependence and treatment offer insights into the latest advances in smoking cessation and provides an instructional exchange on existing tools, experiences and newly developed guidelines for at-risk populations.


Setting The WHO Context For FCTC Article 14, Dongbo Fu
Global Perspective On FCTC Article 14, Katie Kemper
Why Is Tobacco Treatment Is A Priority, Emma Croghan
Smokers’ Visits To Health Care Providers, And Likelihood Of Receiving Advice To Quit Across 20
Countries Of The ITC Project, Geoffrey Fong
Experiences From Co-Operation Between Finland And Kyrgyzstan In Developing Tobacco Cessation In Central Asia, Patrick Sandstrom
European Tobacco Dependence Treatment Guidelines, Including For Priority Groups, Constantine Vardavas

img_1814 ectoh-art-14-fong ectoh-art-14-patrick-sandstrom

Submitted by: Andrea Glahn, 14 February 2017